So I got off work today and had Ramen Noodles for dinner because it was already after 9 and I try not to eat that late when I can avoid it.  I then decided to start surfing the web for some good recipes for dinner next week.  Then it hit me…

I find it so annoying that these Skinny chicks who decide “Oh my GOD!  I’m so fat!  I need to lose like 10 pounds STAT!  They get these blogs and they are all cutesy and the food that they are eating looks pretty and more often than not…gross.  I am not eating kale I don’t care how you dress it up.  Now I started drinking Spinach Smoothies because I need to take in Iron anyway that I can get it but that is where I draw the line.  I also am not eating TOFU or Boca Burgers.  I’ve tried both and neither was a good experience.  Memorable but not good.

Oh and while I am venting about being healthy…Why does heathy food cost more?  Why is it that Oreos are $2.50 but Reduced Fat Oreos cost $3 (Those aren’t the real prices, I just needed an example)  Classic Lays are $2.99 while Baked Lays come in a smaller bag and cost about $3.50 if not more!  and don’t even get me started on those 100 Calorie Packs!  Six bags of decomposed cookies versus the 32 that come in regular pack.  Fruits and veggies I can usually work my way around but juices like V8 or just plain old Orange or Apple Juice, forget about it!  And if anybody can explain to me the deal with Concentrate and Juice Cocktails I will greatly appreciate it!

I think I feel better.

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