January 9: Bellydancing

I love using Belly Dancing as a cardio workout.  I usually wake up in the morning trying to convince myself to go and run (walk really fast) on the treadmill but I will wake up before my alarm clock if I know I have scheduled myself for a Bellydance session.

LovePotion Belly Dance Workout


I got this video a couple years back, the last time I was determined to loose the weight, and it actually did show some results.  The again I was also walking 6 miles a day and going to dance class once a week.  But it is really fun and not that hard.

Now some of you might be thinking: as a big girl I can’t get all these rolls to roll!  Not true!  I find that the fact that I have an “assius maximus”, “thunder thighs” and “hips for days” works well with it.  The shimmy may not be for everyone, just do what you feel comfortable with.

Like I said I am doing this to a DVD in my living room when there is no one home so I don’t have judging (or lustful) eyes on me.  But I still pretend that I am “performing to a crowd” and it makes me feel sexy imaging my soon to be svelte body; and a room full of men in 1935 Casablanca watching me like I was Rita Hayworth!

This video is part of what appears to be a very large collection and I will get them all! One for every day of the week!


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