Things I tried just ’cause I was dieting…

So as I go on this journey, trying (so hard) to be healthier, there are some things that I try to do just because I am trying to loose weight.  Some work…some don’t. Here’s how it went down.

Source: via Angel on Pinterest


Greek Yogurt: This was pretty good.  I was skeptical at first only because of the cost but Oikos you can get for $1 a cup.  I LOVE the Honey flavor.  I tried the fruit one (from Aldi) and didn’t like it as much.  Then, like an idiot, I got a whole quart (or whatever size that is) of plain so that I could have it for breakfast and snack.  PLAIN IS HORRIBLE!  Never eat plain Greek yogurt!  It’s worse than Soy Milk (more on that later).  I add honey and fruit and granola, not all at the same time usually, and it is pretty good though.  So all in all this was a good change.


Soy Milk: PRAISE COWS I’M NOT LACTOSE INTOLERANT!  I don’t know what I would do if I had to drink Soy or Almond Milk. I first tried Soy milk a few years ago when everyone was swearing by it.  I would drink it ice cold after I got in from working out with a peanut butter and banana sandwich (half of one).  My aunt would tease me because I looked like I was taking Whiskey shots. I recently tried it in smoothies.  It was ok but I do not have to waste my money!

V8 Juice: NO!  I just got this tonight.  They didn’t have any regular so I got the Low Sodium kind.  I put it over ice because I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to handle it warm.  It was like drinking cold tomato soup. I was just recently able to eat tomato soup so drinking it cold took some doing.  I tried to add pepper to it.  I tried blending it with frozen berries.  Clearly it was not meant to be.  With lemon juice I can trow it back like a Whiskey shot and survive. Maybe I should add Whiskey too it see hot that works out…

Veggie Burger: Funny story.  So in undergrad I decided that I was going to repel the freshman 15 (which I did) and to counter my love for Hamburgers I would try the Veggie Burger.  It tasted like dry Thanksgiving stuffing.  I took two bites and went back to get a real burger, ready to pay another $3.  Here is the funny part.  The lady says to me, “I didn’t think you would like it.  Here is your usual Bacon Cheese Burger.”

Turkey Burger: These are fine I usually have one on my “Cheat Day” so that I can cheat and not feel bad about it.  I put hot sauce and avocado and turkey bacon on it, Delish!


Turkey Bacon/Sausage: Don’t tell my mother…or my boyfriend.  I eat it.  It’s not bad.  I usually go back and forth.  I’ll eat the Turkey version and when I run out I but the pork version and when I run out I go back to turkey.  I do the same thing with whole eggs and egg whites.

Skim Milk: My aunt picked this up when I was a kid so I didn’t have an issue with this one.  I wouldn’t put it in my coffee though.

Cucumber or Lemon Water: I put a cucumber in my water one day and let it get cold it wasn’t bad.  I wouldn’t suggest putting it in the fridge for a couple of days cause the cucumbers do go bad!

Tofu: NO!  That is all.

That’s about it. As I try more stuff I will update this post to keep you updated.  In the mean time: What stuff have you tried just because it as the latest “Health Craze”  how did it turn out?

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