The Hobbit Diet

So for those of you who know me personally, this is not news to you but for those who just think that I am funny so you are following my blog allow me to explain: I am a Nerd.  It’s true.  This week I went on a date with the BF to see The Hobbit (the IMAX 3D Experience!) followed by a Hobbit dinner at Denny’s.  He looked at me the entire time like I was crazy geeking out over my Seed Cakes and Shire Sausage (Lemon Poppy Seed and Italian Sausage).

I was looking at the website and there were Hobbit Recipes and it made me think.  Clearly there are those FAR nerdier than I, since these are mostly user entered recipes not “official” ones.  I wondered if there was a Hobbit Diet.

Well there is…sort of.  I looked it up and there isn’t ao much a “cook for one hobbit and invite over 13 dwarves to avoid over eating” or “go on an adventure and loose your pony and food to cinch the waist line” kind of advice.  But there is a Hobbit Eating Schedule.  You see hobbits eat, when not out fighting dragons or attempting to return rings, a total of 7 times a day. They have breakfast at 7 a second breakfast at 9, Elevenses at 11, Luncheon at 1, Afternoon tea at 4, Dinner at 6 and Supper at 8.  Here is where it gets funny.  I usually have breakfast around 7 before leaving for work, lately I have also popped into 7-Eleven and have a Croissant and Coffee around 8:45 or 9.  By 11 I pull out whatever snack I have brought so that I won’t starve before my lunch break around 1 0r 2.  I finish the second half of that snack in that last hour before they shut the ride down (4).  I have a granola bar walking back to the bus at 6 get home around 8:30 or 9 and have dinner. Trez bizarre!


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