January 20th Reflections

Weigh In: 259

Dieting and PMS are not a good mix!  I’m too lazy to work out which stresses me out. I want to eat anything that is not nailed down and gnaw on the things that are.  Most girls when they PMS they want chocolate or potato chips.  I want Grease! I want anything deep fried it fat!  I’m talking French Fries, Mozz sticks, pizza, hamburgers, nachos, deep friend pickles!  Luckily I’m too cheap to go and buy these things at a restaurant and too lazy to cook them myself.

This week I had to go and get a new work shirt because for the first time in my post pubescent life I felt as like a WHALE!  And this is my skinny!  It doesn’t help that Disney’s Costuming department is evil.  How is it that I wear a large shirt in the outside world but I wear a 2X on property and it is tight.  And let’s not even discus these work pants!  I’ve always thought that for a place that is so dedicated to uniformity and “Good Show” that we have some of the crappiest outfits to wear.  They are too big, they are too small, and the number of people that I see in a day that seem to know a flood is coming is ridiculous!

I found this website that allows you to mix nature sounds for relaxing ambiance: naturesoundsfor.me I’ve been mixing “Rain on roof” and “Forest” and play it while plyaing Rudy Perrone’s last album out of iTunes. It’s great I play it all day and is very relaxing and soothing!


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