Public Transit Workout

I bet you didn’t know this but using Public Transportation can be one of the best and easiest workouts ever. Its low impact, unlesa you have a reckless driver, and if you are carless like me you have to do it everyday.

Sitting Moves

If you end up in one of the seats that face inward opposed to forward, you may find that you sway everytime the bus stops or starts. Tighten your ab muscles to stay upright.

Packed bus? Congrats on getting a seat! You are probably using your thigh muscles when the bus stops or to allow a fellow passenger to squeeze past you.

Standing Moves

Back in high school some friendsand I devised a game we called Surfing. No we were not standing on top of the bus/train; we were on the inside not holding on to anything. This my friends is a full body work out since you have to engage your torso and legs in order to stay upright.

Just standing and holding on to the overhead bar is a sholder and bicep annoyance…workout.


Imagine how many calories you woukd hurn if it was acceptable to hit all the stupid, rude, or loud people on the bus!

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2 thoughts on “Public Transit Workout

  1. In NYC, public transportation rides can also double as a Kenpo training…and then a sprint away from potential muggers. 😉

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