Emotional Eating

So yesterday was not a good day.  For starters I was reminded, ONCE AGAIN, that I desperately need a car.  It took me 3 hours to get to work when it should only take 1.5 all because LYNX cannot seem to run on a schedule.  This made me late yet again.  On top of that it’s what we like to call the “Cheap Season” at Disney meaning that most of the guest aren’t as willing to split with their money as easily as they were last month.

I decided that this was all just cause to cheat on my diet.  So I had pizza for lunch, with a bottle of water and side salad (no reason to go crazy!).  Now that I am thinking about it I wasn’t too bad to my diet yesterday although that was 2 days in a row with pizza and I have one in the freezer that I will probably have tomorrow (maybe not).

I am definitely an emotional eater though.  Chocolate when I’m sad, pizza when I’m happy, fries if I can get them. Sure I could eat the “healthier alternative” to these things, but I always feel that when something goes wrong I DESERVE these things that are just going to ruin my progress or at least I think they will.

Is anybody else an emotional eater?  Do you beat yourself up about slipping off the Diet Wagon?

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One thought on “Emotional Eating

  1. lly1205 says:

    I’m not on a diet, though I try to eat healthily, but I adore food and I have a hard time stopping myself from eating. Like, a whole box of cookies demolished in one day if I eat “just one” to start with. Which I do beat myself up over, since I want sweets most in the evening, which is the worst time for carbs/sugar

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