February 3rd Reflections

Ladies, do you have this cycle too?  Before your period you want to eat everything that isn’t nailed down and gnaw on the things that are, then during your period you are too lazy (fatigued) to workout, then after your period you are so depressed about the fact that you have gone almost a month without watching the cals eating pizza and ice cream that you beat yourself up about it?  Cause that’s where I am right now.  I don’t know if its a temporary thing or if I’m just not as dedicated as i wish I was.

I have ben so stressed out with work lately that I’m not eating as healthy as I usually do because I want the comfort food.  Luckily though I haven’t been eating a lot of sweets because I refuse to buy cake pans; but I have been eating Cheetos like Frito Lay was going out of business (R.I.P Hostess and Twinkie).

This week I did cook all my meals on my day off so that I wouldn’t be tempted to pig out or not eat at all when I get home.  The problem is by BF and I both work at the same park so he gives me a ride to work on most days. On these days he will also spend the night at my house and we end up ordering pizza so that he is not sitting across from me eating Top Ramen and I’m eating Peach Glazed Pork Chops with Brown Rice and String Beans.  But I think we are going to have to work out a happy medium with that.

I am proud of myself for making all my dinners though; and I think that next week I am going to buy some more containers and actually prepare breakfast and lunch and throw them in the freezer as well.  I keep it nice and varied and that will ensure that I actually eat all three meals and maintain my diet.

Happy Dieting!

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