Scrumptious Sandwiches



I have mentioned a few times before that I pre-make all of my lunches and dinners (and sometime breakfast) on my day off so that I will have healthy choices at Feeding Times.  Well I made a few sandwiches this week that turned out REALLY good and I wanted to share them with you.  All of these sandwiches were made and frozen.  By the time I take my break they are thawed and ready to eat. The only downside is the bottom corner is almost always a little soggy.

The one in the pic is Ham Swiss and Avocado.  I mashed the avocado with some garlic powder, pepper, and onion.  Add just a little lemon juice to keep it from turning color and spread it on toasted wheat bread.  I used the avocado mixture instead of mayo since you can’t freeze mayo.  Add ham and swiss cheese and freeze.

Yesterday I had a turkey and provolone but in a new twist I added some thin apple slices and onion.  I was a little leary about the thawed out apple but it was AMAZING!  I don’t know what it was about the sudden tangy sweetness of the apple; maybe the combination with the onion was out of this world!

I made each of these sandwiches with both ham and turkey and both were really good.  Now I need to go buy more avocado.

Do you have any good sandwich recipes that I should try?

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