When do you stop eating?

So I have worked on the eating healthy, I have even mastered portion control. The problem is that frequently I don’t feel full after eating, so I want to eat more.  Example tonight I had a very delicious dinner: Sage and Mushroom Chicken with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes.  (Made without greek yogurt lol)  Then I had Raspberry sorbet for dessert.  There also happened to be a tub of Christmas cookies sitting in my line of vision so I had one while I waited for the sorbet to soften enough to spoon out.  Then I watched at movie (Kismet with Marlene Dietrich) with a bag of popcorn.  

After all of that, I’m not necessarily hungry but I’m not full either.  So I could eat more sorbet (at least its better than fatty ice cream).  The cookies aren’t filling and the healthier alternative of a nutrigrain bar won’t be any better.  What I really want is another bag of popcorn, this time with melted butter and cheese!  Trying to stay true to portion control and be full enough to not keep eating is daunting.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Maybe I should drink more water?

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One thought on “When do you stop eating?

  1. eatwellchef says:

    Perhaps you could increase your protein intake a bit. Eat a little more of the chicken. Our bodies seem to know when protein is filling us up, but with carbs, especially the refined variety, we just keep eating and don’t feel satisfied.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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