Religion and Diets

So Lent has come around once again.  Funny how it can sometimes be like the reset button on your New Years Resolution.  Giving up sweets, carbonated beverages, or caffeine is common.  One year my mom gave up coffee and didn’t realize the effect that it had on her…until her students were calling their parents “to bring Ms. Martin some coffee quick!”

For the last few years as soon as Lent came around I would get confused.  When I was a kid I would give up candy.  Then when I got older I gave up candy in order to loose weight.  So now I don’t eat it as much, so I can’t give it up anymore.  I also gave pop, and fried foods, started eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water, all as Lenten Rededication to a New Years Resolution.

Now Lent has come around again.  I am going to try to actually keep my workout schedule.

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