Thinking Ahead

There are many imperfections that you can blame me for, but planning ahead is not one of them.  I usually have three plans each with a contingency plan in place and no one ever knows it.  I have mentioned before that I plan my meals ahead for up to a week and I have been meaning to post a pic but always forget or my phone is dying.  But here is one!

SAMSUNG  I got some Basil Pesto at Aldi today and figured I would try it.  I also got some new Pyrex pans that I wanted to use.  And it was Valentine’s Day so I was in a bit of a time crunch (didn’t need to be, but that’s another issue in and of itself).

What you have there is a pork chop, chicken breast, and salmon filet topped with basil pesto and served with Mushroom Rice and Broccoli. I would like to find some recipes that call for Basil Pesto and do something more extravagant but for now this will do.

Do you have any recipes that include Basil Pesto that you could recommend?

I’ve also been looking around for similar blogs to get some motivation, inspiration, and recipes.  So pass along any suggestions you have for that as well.

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