Day One: Raspberry Ketone & 30 Day Crunch Challenge

So I got the Raspberry Ketone there are 84 pills and you are supposed to take 6 a day which means that I would run out in about 14 days.  BUT when I watched the piece on Dr. Oz when he introduced Raspberry Ketone and they said to only take one maybe 2 (or maybe she was talking about grams) but anyway I figured I would take 2 at breakfast (opposed to three) and another 2 at lunch (again opposed to three) giving me an extra week!

You’re supposed to take them with food and I’m not sure if it’s the Ketone or the post meal sleepies that makes me tired right after I take it.

I also have decided to try out one of these 30 day challenges.  And I’m not going to wait until the 1st I’m just going to start today…RIGHT NOW!!!

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