July 28th Reflections

Day Four of my 30 Day Raspberry Ketone and Ab Challenge.

Oh to be fat and Catholic! I went to church this morning.  It is the first time since I got my car and that I have gotten up and gone to church and then went to work right after.  I was raised Catholic, was in church every Sunday growing up but when I got older and went to college and later when I moved to Florida I didn’t go as much because I couldn’t find that kind of “homey” feeling that I would find at home.  As we would say I don’t feel the “sweet sweet spirit” in these places.  We don’t kneel in my church.  We don’t have the hard pews we have cushioned chairs and no kneelers.  This new church, we kneel.  My knees are not accustomed to this.  It really makes me feel bad when I look around at all these 70 year old women kneeling with no problem and I have to do that half kneel, half sit thing because I wasn’t taught to kneel in order to pray.  Does anyone else feel that way?

What a difference clothes that fit make!  So since I went to church I wore personal pants to work instead of my Disney Look Regulated (three sizes to big) shorts.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was shocked and appalled and how terrible I normally look!   Shall we compare?


Would you believe that I have not lost weight between these two photos!  The only difference is the size and shape of the pants.  This is utterly ridiculous!  Does anyone else have to suffer a bad uniform like this?

I’ve been doing good with the ab workouts.  It’s easier to get on the floor really quick and knock out some crunches than it is to convince myself to get up and sit on a bike for 30 minutes.  And an actual cardio blast when I get home…FORGET ABOUT IT!  Maybe if I finish the 30 days out I will see results and it will inspire me to go another step forward.  Do you know of any other non-machine cardio workouts I can try where I don’t have to stand?  Weak ankles have a hour limit and those hours are usually filled up at work!


Breakfast: McDonalds #2 (Monopoly is back!)

Lunch: Chicken Sandwich (Swiss Cheese and Romain) | Flatbread Crisps | Sliced Apples

Dinner: Apple Jacks w/Almond Milk

Crunches: 60

  • 30 Oblique Circles
  • 15 Standard
  • 15 Double


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