Day 6: Raspberry Keytone & Crunch Challenge

So today…not so good. Last night the check engine light came on and my (new) car overheated. So I’m a little stressed that something might be wrong. I’m celebrating another month of not being pregnant (yay!) which has, once again, caused my iron to drop (boo!). Insomnia brought on by stress, low iron, Floridian sun, and lack of water has done a number on me today. I only took one ketone capsule this morning because i haven’t really been eating and I didn’t want that to add to the shittiness that I already feel.

I did however make dinner this morning so I will have a full wholesome meal when I get home.


Basil Chicken and Rice

On the plus side my heel hasn’t been too bad for the last couple if days! Not sure who/what to thank for that…

I was feeling better my lunch time.  Maybe because I was eating or my blood flow evened out I don’t know. (TMI?)

Feeling kinda lazy today so I’m going to keep the crunches simple.

Crunches: 100

  • 50 standard
  • 50 double


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