Day 8: Raspberry Ketone/Ab Challenge

S T R E T C H!  I figured out why my legs have been feeling better.  Every night and morning I was using the strap off of my tool kit (don’t judge) to stretch.  I put the strap over the ball of my foot and stretch my calf or use it to help pull my leg up to stretch the back of my thigh (hamstrings?).  I would also rotate my ankle a few times using the strap as resistance.  I noticed that I didn’t do it one day and I was ready to collapse after a couple of hours.  Needless to say I will be stretching every night!

Raspberry Ketones make you sleepy and constipated.  Seriously!  I feel like a baby, all I do is sleep and poop.  You are supposed to take the capsules with a meal and with a 8oz of water.  Soon as I take it my tummy starts rumbling and I want a nap more than I want a wedding proposal from Shia LaBeauf!  This makes taking them during my lunch break a little awkward…

Goodbye Thunder Thighs! Hello Tight Tush! I decided what my new 30 day challenge would be.  30 Days of Squats.  I’m not a big fan of squats but I am a HUGE fan of slimmer thighs.  That being said…here we go

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