Day 13: It’s all for the abs

I would do anything for a flat stomach! When I was a kid (a very fat 300lb kid) I showed vocal promise and my music teacher told me that as long as I sang properly I would never have a flat stomach.  This gave me just cause to eat more cake.  I mean look at Pavoratti.  AMAZING voice,  never met lasagna he didn’t like.  And then…Idina came into my life.   I do love me some Idinia Menzel Diggs.  Even her husband.  And not only because their relationship proves that Catholic me and Jewish Shia Lebeauf do indeed have a chance in hell.  I love her voice and her songwriting skills…and have you seen her abs!!!

idina's abs

I want these abs!  When I was looking for this picture, I found it on a forum asking who their desired body type was and it got me thinking.  Besides Idina’s abs what is my dream body.  I have always wanted to have the physique of a 1900s French Prostitute.  No I’m serious.  They had curves; weren’t stick thin like the society ladies, probably from eating all the chocolates given to them by their society benefactors.

But as far as my body type aspirations I would have to say this:

Style: "Mad Men"kat Marilyn

What do you think? Unfortunately I think that all three women ended up slimming down. But I am dedicated to getting down to a size 10 and stopping there!

Today’s Challenges

Crunches: 45
Squats: 75
Water: 4 bottles


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs/Turkey Sausage/Multi-Grain Waffle/Honey Nut Cheerios/Tea
Lunch: Chicken Cesar Salad/Apple Slices
Snack: Graham Crackers/Chocolate Almonds
Dinner: Basil Chicken and Rice

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