Day 19: Is this thing on?

SO I have officially stopped taking the Raspberry Ketone.  I haven’t lost any weight and I don’t see where I am losing any real inches.  I guess my fat is just not to be burnt.  I am still keeping up with my squats and crunches but funny story…

So remember how I was doing the squats into a side crunch (I have loving nicknamed it the Puppy Squat) Those have gotten increasingly harder to do so I have been doing regular squats with the added pressure of a resistance band and staying on the floor for the crunches.  Speaking of…let me go and do that now…BRB.

And I’m back! 50 squats, 150 crunches, and 30 Puppy Squats!  The squats aren’t as hard as I thought they would be; which is a good thing.  That means I may make it day 30 and 250 squats after all.  I was perusing pinterest for some other ways to do crunches and came across these:

compound crunch


I tried it.  I guess I’m used to sort of speeding through my crunches.  I did 10 of them and just went back to normal because I knew I could have done more in the same time it took me to do those 10.  But I will try it again.  And I found this!

intense puppy squatNow that is one intense Puppy Squat!  I did look for more squat variations…but that didn’t work out so good.  I mean…as a girl over 125 lbs, have you ever looked up squats on pinterest?  Did you get annoyed by all the size three bimbos showing off their perfectly plump assets?  Okay maybe they are not all bimbos but THIS does not motivate me…



For one, there used to be a time when white girls would never want a butt like that, but she looks unbalanced and VERY photoshop-ed…just saying.  I will also point out that I have noticed my bum jump off of my thighs even after only 12 days which was very exciting.  But I will never look like that. I will never have a waist that small and I don’t really want one.

I came to a hard truth recently.  I will probably never be a size 6.  I may have mentioned that I want to get down to a size 10 and it my size 10 jeans start to get loose I expect my family to have a food intervention with some friend chicken and collard greens.   But, and I have noticed this before, I am big boned.  I am not making excuses for myself I really am.  When I got down to my lowest weight which was still over 200 lbs I could feel my ribs and hip bones.  There wasn’t a lot between my flesh and my bone and I was not wearing my “SIZE 16 JEANS” or the “SIZE 12 DRESS THAT FITS”.  I have what the old people tend to call “Child Bearing HIps”.  Which is great when you want to wear skinny jeans or Mermaid dresses (which I tend to do) but it also means that there is a preset limit to my weight loss.   Well if I can build the tuckus that my mother denied me of (because she took all of it!)  I will be happy!


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