Close But No Cigar

I was so close to finishing my 30 day squats challenge…and then EXTREME amounts of pain kicked in.  You know that feeling you get when you wake up and your arm or leg is still asleep?  Well I’ve got that in both of my heels.  When they would start to hurt before I would either soak them or ice them and wear the really cushy gym shoes and I could still function for a little while before the pain came back.  No such luck.   After standing at work for 6.5-8 hours my right leg almost feels hollow.  It’s weird I know.   And I should probably go to a doctor at some point…come on ObamaCare!

But I will not let this get me down.  I didn’t finish my crunch challenge either because when I would waddle my way back to the house I just laid down to rest my leg.  And it hurt to much to get up.  Well I have decided to try ANOTHER 30 day crunch challenge and I am going to really try dedicating myself to spinning.  I haven’t been able to find an actual challenge so I guess I will just have to make one up and correlate the rest days with the Crunch challenge.  If you know of any 30 day cycling challenges for BEGINNERS send them my way will ya!

I am also happy to note that I have not been wallowing in my bed doing absolutely nothing and eating junk food.  Well, I did have a Whopper Jr. today ’cause I was craving a burger.  I have actually been working on #95 of my 101 in 1201 plan!  My grandmother was a cook.  She had her own catering service and hand wrote all of her recipes even the ones that she got from cookbooks and handed it down to me.  Well it was supposed to come to me but it actually went to my aunt but that’s besides the point.  The point is, I want to make a cookbook for my not-to-be-conceived-for-at-least-another-5-years-daughter.  Os I have been working on that.  Finding recipes writing them down and testing them out.  I’ve got 6 of them in my freezer right now!

I have lost 3 pounds…FINALLY!  I haven’t lost a single pound this whole month but finally after hundreds of squats and crunches I have lost SOMETHING!  Hopefully things will be different next month!

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