Introducing Bella Biachi and a new 30 Day Challenge

I woke up this morning (with my mind…stayed on Jesus!) with a new motivation.  Well not really; I actually woke up with my mind on the conversation that I didn’t have with the boy, but that just sounds lame and pathetic.  I have been doing Zumba every morning for the past three days.  I decided that I would create a 30 day Zumba Challenge and I can compete it then I will find the money to get that gym membership.

I know what you are thinking…”WAIT BACK UP!  You said that you were afraid to Zumba in your apartment because you were afraid that the man down stairs would come up with his ceiling fan in his hand.”  Yea, well, he will just have to come on up.  This crap with my BF (and portfolio) has made me realize that I am sick of waiting on things to happen so that I can do what I really want.  Let’s take a count shall we…

  1. I can’t join a gym until the season picks up and I can afford it or I find a better job.
  2. I can’t figure out what exactly is going on with my relationship until he is in the same city as me, or stops avoiding my serious questions.
  3. I can’t get a better job until I can come up with $150 to put a portfolio together.
  4. I can’t do Zumba in my second floor apartment until I lose enough weight that the books won’t fall off the shelves and the man down stairs won’t come banging on the door with his ceiling fan in his hand!

SCREW ALL OF THAT!!!  I am known for my ability to make something out of nothing both positively and negative and I am choosing to be positive.  So 30 Day Challenge Beware cause PLANET FITNESS here I come!

Introducing Bella Biachi

Some of you may know that I have several blogs.  One of my main ones besides this is The World According to Bella.  It’s all fashion and celebrity gossip and life commentary.  I post under the monicker of Bella Biachi, my alternate ego. She is also known as “the skinny b!tch trapped inside of me”.  Well Bella has come out to play.  Allow me to introduce her…

2013-09-22 20.15.56My cousin works at a clothing store and they were getting rid of some mannequins so he grabbed one for me.  I have been wanting a dress form for awhile and while this is not actually a dress form, it will serve a purpose.   I have been wanting to start sewing and putting together some real outfits (not just the ones I do on Polyvore) so I am really excited.  Only problem is she is a bit skinnier than me.  I had to pull the dress back in this pic.  Here is the before and.


I still need to do some work on her.  Since I have more butt and an actual waist.  But it serves a purpose for now.  And I can start sewing again!


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