I fell down…but I’m trying to get up…

So I have been MIA for awhile.  I had this whole plan that I was going to post a video on my birthday and then I decided to wait and post it on New Years and then that didn’t happen and it has been a mess.  Here is the readers digest version:

  1. Issues with the boy (long distance/aggravation) led to…
  2. Break up with the boy
  3. Really wish I could use my fancy $80,000 degree
  4. Job knocked everybody to Part-time (and told me on Christmas Eve)
  5. Stress eating (and occasional drinking) led to weight gain
  6. Constant deadening feeling that I am an absolute failure and should just return home with my tail between my legs

So through all of that, and yes I know that compared to the issues of many others that those are miniscule, I haven’t really felt like blogging.  But I have to find something that makes me happy or else I will go INSANE.  My mind hasn’t been very clear lately, so the creative writing that I normally use to escape into a fantasy world has also not been helping.  And then Once Upon a Time decided to take a THREE MONTH HIATUS! (lol/jk)

So where am I now?  I’m writing!  I’m blogging.  I am surfing Tumblr.  and I am going through Rumbelle withdrawal.  But it all has to get better…i hope

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