My America is Beautiful

The Superbowl…  I can’t say much about it, mainly because I don’t watch football; I’m not a fan.  But has there ever been a Superbowl with that PATHETIC of a scoreboard?  Just curious.

What I DO want to talk about is the (apparently) controversial commercial put out by Coca Cola.  I will admit that I don’t drink pop that often for dietary reasons but when I do I usually drink Coke only because it is made in Atlanta.  After watching that commercial and seeing all of the RIDICULOUS and IGNORANT responses to it I want to go out and by several cases and a few shares of stock just to make a point that not all AMERICANS are that stupid.

Let’s start this off with a History Lesson.  Did you know that very few of the people that currently live in America are direct descendants of TRUE NATIVE AMERICANS;  that we are ALL Generational Americans, meaning that their family has been in America for a few Generations.  Granted the Jones family might have been here longer than the Martinez family, your family tree still involves some immigrants…and probably some convicts.  America was utilized as a Penal Colony; meaning that France, Great Britain, and many others were evicting the undesirables to the Americas.  BUT in true American form these immigrants and prisoners decided that the glass was half full and made a new start.

America, I thought, prides itself on being a “Melting Pot of Cultures”.  At least that is what they have been trying to teach me since I was in Kindergarten.  So why not honor and embrace those cultures in singing the #3 Most American Song of America?  I could “validate” the responses if they had sung God Bless America or heaven forbid the National Anthem but…

The funny thing is, I feel like many of these Offended Americans are the same idiots who walk around with a sombrero and a stupid mustache on Cinco de Mayo, do a Pub Crawl on St. Patrick’s Day, flash body parts for some ten cent beads at Mardi Gras, know the number to the Chinese Restaurant and the local Pizza Hut by heart, and think that Tony Montana is one of the coolest people in the world.  And it wasn’t that there were “foreigners” singing, it was the fact that they were singing in a different language!  Sulema Marie posted this…

Epic fail, @CocaCola. My father, and over half my family, emigrated to America and learned to speak ENGLISH!#AmericaIsBeautiful

So, now that you have admitted that you are a Generational American…did you know that twitter is condemning you too?  Because that it was pissed me off.

Allow me to explain myself; for those that don’t know…I’m black.  And according to some of the posts, I am not an American because of this.  That’s funny, because FICA surely takes her American money out of my American check.  I pay my American taxes every year.  And they have attempted to recruit me into the American Army (I wouldn’t have passed the physical  even if I had wanted to do it).  Speaking of the army there were even posts from vets saying that they regretted fighting for a country that would even allow such “blasphemes”.  I don’t even know the words…

At the end of the day, every American is free to their opinion.  Oh the joys of our American First Amendment, huh! This is my opinion, if you haven’t figured it out already:

I am proud to be part of an America that is made up of many different cultures.  To know people with so many different histories, that speak different languages, whose mother’s cook so many different traditional foods.  Where else in the world can you travel several different countries and cultures in ONE CITY!  Chicago has Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy, Mini-Mexico, and Ukraine Village.  And I am proud to be from a city that represents the cultural quilt that is our beautiful country!  Personally I would be all to happy  if all Americans could get with the program and accept that we are all Americans, whether they chose to hyphenate it to honor their past or leave it in anticipation of their bright future.  Those who can’t accept it should suffer the fate that they wish on the rest of us:  Find some other place where they can live in their selfish and close minded ways in peace.

I applaud Coca Cola for their open mindedness and their acceptance for what America truly is.

Ah la la la la always coca cola #americaisbeautiful
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