Ode to Grand Chinese Kitchen

Prompt: If you had to eat the same meal over and over again for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Everybody has the one place that they go to ALL THE TIME.  A place where when the workers hear the bell ring over their front door they say, “Hi!  Welcome to…oh, hey!”

Mine is Grand Chinese Kitchen in the strip mall on Garfield and the Dan Ryan.  When I tell you that I grew up with this place…I mean it is a fixture in my life.  Nothing made me happier than when my grandmother decided that she didn’t want to cook and would call my aunt telling her to pick up Chinese food. When I went away to school, my mother would go and get “Chink Food” (no offence) she would order and Julie would say “Wantons?  The Baby must be home!”

Fast forward to after my “Hama” (grandmother) passed and my aunt finally moved out of the house and we started eating at Yang’s.  Funny story:  Yang’s is right next to the Roosevelt Train Station and  when I was in high school I would see it everyday on the way home.  So when my aunt moved over there I was OVERJOYED!  I was not happy when they wouldn’t hire me for the summer considering that I was there every other Wednesday.

If I had to eat the same meal every day…for the rest of my life…I want what we got when I was a kid: shrimp fried rice, egg roll, BBQ pork, pot stickers, shrimp egg foo young and wontons.  And yes I will pay the extra for hot mustard.  Bon Appetite!

2013-12-10 12.20.27

What about you?  If you had to eat the SAME meal everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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2 thoughts on “Ode to Grand Chinese Kitchen

  1. stephanie says:

    Brought back alot of memories, I too love Chinese restaurantt. Every time I go home ( chicago ) I make it my buisness to eat tthere

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