Letter to My Future Husband


So it is Valentine’s Day (2014) and I just wanted to say a few things.  First of all, I can’t wait to meet you.  As I am sure you know I am not a very patient person, but I’m sure we will link up eventually.  I figured now would be as good a time as any to thank you for a few things and also to apologize for a few others.  Let’s try the thank you’s first:

  1. LOVING ME!  I know sometimes it’s not easy sometimes
  2. Laughing with me, but never at me
  3. Everytime you kiss my shoulder
  4. encouraging me and believing in my dreams
  5. pretending to understand me and accepting me anyway
  6. Reminding me that I am beautiful, it’s really easy for me to forget
  7. Knowing that sometimes I just need my space, and giving it to me
  8. Always cleaning the kitchen
  9. Being my protector against spiders (especially the really big ones)
  10. Watching all the movies that I love so that you understand my movie references
  11. Making sure that I don’t turn into a recluse
  12. Accepting the fact that I (and my family) am a gaseous person

Now that I have buttered you up…I would like to apologize for the following

  1. Snoring and occasional drool
  2. Gas
  3. My OCD tendencies
  4. My massive, DVD, Book, Vinyl,  and Shoe collections
  5. Never wanting to clean the kitchen
  6. The constant movie references (we’ll work on it)
  7. Sometimes shutting you out, bad habits die hard–you know?

I’ve always thought of my self as a “Beautiful Mess” but I’m glad you stuck around and chose to love me because of it and not inspite of it.

Love You…More than you know


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