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Reading List for 2014

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I am REALLY trying to read more!  Even though I am getting addicted to more and more shows (thank you AfterBuzz TV), there are sooo many movies that I want to see and I am getting a little more crafty this year…or at least trying to.  I’m also writing more!  But there are a few books that I want to read this year:

  1. Beautiful Chaos (Beautiful Creatures #3)- Kami Garcia
  2. Beautiful Redemption (Beautiful Creatures #4)- Kami Garcia
  3. City of Bones- Clare
  4. Odalisque (Percheron #1)- Fiona McIntosh
  5. Emissary (Percheron #2)- Fiona McIntosh
  6. Goddess (Percheron #3)- Fiona McIntosh
  7. The Song of Arbonne- Guy Gavriel Kay 
  8. Passage to India- E.M. Foster
  9. The Rosetta Key (Ethan Gage #2)- William Dietrich
  10. After Havana- Charles Fleming
  11. The DaVinci Code- Dan Brown

I am going to update this post periodically to update which books I have read and maybe give my response to it.

Have you read anything on my list?  Are they worth it, is there anything on here that you think I should not read.  Crazy idea…if there is a book that you want to read and want to read with me and talk about it…like a cyber book club or something COMMENT BELOW!  That could be really fun!

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